the time is near...

I hear a lot about "the time is near," and I've heard lots about the end of the world coming soon. Thought I'd give my own view on this topic.

It really shouldn't matter to you if the world is ending soon or not. Your life is. Our lives are so short and fleeting, we really need to look at it that way. The end is nigh - so shouldn't you be doing what you need to be doing every day? For me that means pursuing God and the gospel. It means striving to learn what He taught us in the bible. Striving to be a better man, and to worship and praise Him.

So forget the details - and focus on what you know. You know your life is going to end. It's going to happen faster than you think - ask any of your elders how their life seems to go by faster and faster the older they get. Our elders have so much wisdom to impart, if we would just learn to ask, listen, and heed.

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  1. Preaching to the choir my friend. I find myself telling others, Christian or not, that people get too caught up on the details.

    What matters more? Have you accepted Christ? Are you pursuing him? If so, and assuming the person you are conversing with also answers yes to the above, then what is the problem?

    I have said many times (not that I am adept at following this rule), if you are taking care of your relationship with Him, then the rest doesnt matter.

    Its our Humanness that gets us caught up in all the details and minutua. The Pharasees did this too.