Christ is the answer

Two things I've noticed now that I'm following Christ. I find the world pushes me to Him, and that I seek Him.

So many things don't make sense to me. Why do we have natural disasters? Why do people suffer? Why is there poverty? Why do people reject the Creator? The knowledge that the He is Lord is comforting. The knowledge that He is righteous, just, and loving gets me through those times. I don't need to know everything, and I don't need to understand everything. I just need to know and trust Him. That is a comfort that no human can ever provide.

I'm finally at a place where I can acknowledge and admit that I can't do it alone. This world can be tough on people and I'm no exception. It is through Him that all things are possible. He is my Lord and Savior, and He is always with me. He weeps with me and He loves me.

He has spoken to us through the Bible. Our Creator knows us better than we know ourselves, and He gave us an owners manual. Let's read it, and make it a priority so that we maintain and run our bodies well.


Relying on God

Tonight I'm facing huge challenges in relying on God. I'm filled with anger at someone that is hurting my loved ones. I'm trying to give that anger to God, to seek his will in these problems.

The anger subsides, filled with curiosity at what causes this person to do the things they do. What has their life been like? How can I help them? How can I show them a better way? Perhaps some of their anger was caused by my loved ones.

Turning to God at times like these isn't always easy, but it's always the right answer. He knows everything there is to know, and therefore knows what is good and right. The best thing I can do is seek his knowledge and guidance. For now, that simply means being quiet and still while I pray.


Glorify God

Man did I fail at this today. Got into an argument with someone. They are having trouble in their lives, and I've been encouraging turning to God. Their response was "he isn't going to pay my bills, he isn't going to give me money."

My response was - apparently you have all the answers and don't need God.

That's the old me coming through nice and loud, and I am not proud. I instantly responded with an apology and my sincere hope that they changed their mind.

I'm definitely down with the concept of glorifying God in everything I do. Boy is that a challenge. I wasn't looking to God when I was talking to them and it shows. Had I considered His will and tried to follow it I'm sure the conversation would've gone better, and possibly even helped them out. Now I've alienated this person for the moment, and possibly don't some harm where I could have done good.

I do keep creating posts that don't make it past the cutting room floor. I never got feedback from my questions before so have no idea how many people are actually reading this. I'm not giving up yet, but I must admit I am discouraged.

Thank you Lord - for a beautiful world, a wonderful job, great friends and family, your son, and your word.


drafts vs posts

I now have 13 draft posts on here, and 17 published (excluding this which makes it 13/18). I find myself thinking a ton about everything related to God and only thinking a bit is post worthy. If you are reading this, please contact me somehow to let me know if you are enjoying this, finding it useful, or have any other feedback. What would you like to see? What would you like to see less of?

I have to share once again how wonderful God is. I LOVE reading his word - I'm doing it daily on my own and daily sharing it with Casey. I LOVE going to church and engaging people - I wish I could do that all the time. I implore all my readers to pick up the bible more often. This is a gift from God! Thank you Lord for everything you have done, are doing, and will do for us. Thank you for your love, patience, and forgiveness.

I find it easier and easier to follow what the bible teaches. I'm finding it easier to lean on and ask God for guidance in my life. I find living more enjoyable and full of goodness. I am truly being transformed by Christ and I'm loving every minute of it!

Don't have a bible? Contact me and I will get you one!


transformation of joy

I got so excited talking about this with a friend today that I had to post.

One of the biggest transformations for me has been the ability to experience joy. For many years I felt guilty about indulging or enjoying my time. I always felt like I should be doing something productive or important or "worthy" with my free time.

Now that I've been studying the bible and devouring tons of christian articles, books, and videos I've reached a point where I need downtime. I need to step away from the hard hitting deep thinking stuff and enjoy myself. I feel guilt free to enjoy that time.

This may seem crazy to some, and may hit a nerve with others. I'm finding so much in my life to be grateful for and to enjoy. I'm sure it's a combination of a lot of things, but for me it has a lot to do with feeling like my time is being spent in worthwhile endeavors and that makes me able to enjoy my free time more.

the time is near...

I hear a lot about "the time is near," and I've heard lots about the end of the world coming soon. Thought I'd give my own view on this topic.

It really shouldn't matter to you if the world is ending soon or not. Your life is. Our lives are so short and fleeting, we really need to look at it that way. The end is nigh - so shouldn't you be doing what you need to be doing every day? For me that means pursuing God and the gospel. It means striving to learn what He taught us in the bible. Striving to be a better man, and to worship and praise Him.

So forget the details - and focus on what you know. You know your life is going to end. It's going to happen faster than you think - ask any of your elders how their life seems to go by faster and faster the older they get. Our elders have so much wisdom to impart, if we would just learn to ask, listen, and heed.


bible reading craze

I've been devouring the bible lately, and haven't made time to post on here. It doesn't mean I'm going to stop posting, it just means I'm busy.

If you read my facebook you'll know that I loved Job - what an awesome book. I'm also partial to the following chapters in Psalm 20, 37, 49:12-13, and 63. I haven't finished the book of Psalm yet, but I'm enjoying it as well. Also check out Nehemiah chapter 9.

All of these are available on the net - I'm reading the NIV version at youversion.com, but there is also net.bible.org and biblia.com (I just learned about this last one and haven't had a chance to really check it out).

Anyways, I hope some of you enjoy the above chapters, they really spoke to me!

Praise our Lord! Thank Him for everything! God bless!